Types of diamond tools produced by China Tool Factory

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Natural diamond cutting tools:

What are the types of diamond tools? With the development of cutting tools, many types of diamond tools have been added. First of all, look at the natural diamond tools.

Among the types of diamond tools, the natural diamond tool has nearly a hundred years of time, through the investigation, natural diamond can be refined into a 0.002μm radius insert, use this tool for ultra-thin cutting. Natural diamond tools are called "ultra precision" and "ideal tools" in the future.

PCD polycrystalline diamond cutting tools

With the development of diamond cutting tool types, PCD diamond tools have become the choice of many processing enterprises. Because the performance of PCD diamond tools is similar to that of natural diamond tools. In addition, PCD diamond as a new type of diamond tool, its service life is generally higher many time than that of other materials s, at the same time, the price of PCD diamond tools is only one of dozens of natural diamond tool at present, PCD diamond tool is going to replace the traditional tool.

CVD diamond cutting tools

The CVD diamond tool is another type of diamond tool. It is a very wear-resistant pure diamond material. It is free of binder and is prepared in low pressure environment. CVD diamond tools mainly have two forms: CD and TFD. Among the types of diamond tools, CVD diamond tools are suitable for machining more complicated geometries. CVD diamond tools have the advantages of natural diamond and PCD diamond tools.

Our diamond tools have longer service life than other cutting tools, which can meet your demand for precision machining. Welcome to contact us at any time.

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