Hefei Nuoyi precision toolsCo., Ltd. can offer variety of services, fromthe product design ,research and development to production and sales,weare an expert cutting tool manufacture in China. Mainly products include: PCD(polycrystalline diamond cutting tools ), CBN( Cubic boron nitride cutting tools) , TCT Cutting tools and nature diamond tools etc.
     "Absorption, professional, precise and timely" is our concept, Nuoyi equips with the professional management personnel and tool engineers, skilled technical workers, and advanced equipment, which ensure the good quality and efficiency.
Products are widely used in: automobile and motorcycle manufacturing, aerospace, general machinery processing and medical equipment etc,high precision machining industries.Our plant own strong technical power, excellent product quality.After many years of technical research and development and innovation on production, selected a seriation and diversifiedproducts, which is now our factory’s advantage.We have owned stable customers, products favored by domestic and foreign customers .
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